Narrative-driven pop art

Annie Griffeth  |  |  @AnnieGriffeth

Hailing from Oahu, Hawaii, illustrative artist Annie Griffeth's ink, acrylic, and oil artworks reflect her empowered perspective and worldly style.

Annie combines realism and illustration in modern works that are meant to inspire, entertain, and connect us through shared experiences.

"My work is a conversation about things that give our lives purpose.  No matter how different we are, we all share experiences that make us feel vulnerable or fierce, that give us strength or cause us pain, and are the reason why we are who we are today.  I use symbols, colors, and words to communicate my thoughts, and if you find yourself understanding, relating to, or just "getting it" then we've both found a friend."

1302 Dragon St.

Open every Thursday, 12-6pm