the ALG


how they came to be

  • The Anna Lou Glass Collective was created out of the heart of it’s founder, Anna Curnes. With a thriving glass works business, Curnes wanted to create a space where fellow creatives could come together with one main goal: to create. “We’re called together to create together” became her motto from the very first meeting. Curnes quickly established her league of extraordinary artists, partnering with Melissa Ellis, Annie Griffeth, and Christi Meril.

  • After successful exhibitions with other artists at the Art Pop-Up Dallas in 2018, a deeper desire for a larger, more prominent space drove Curnes to Dragon St. In the heart of the Dallas Design District, 1302 Dragon street was purchased by Anna in 2018 and so the Anna Lou Glass Collective was born.

  • While these phenomenal artists have been creating together in harmony for months, the Grand Opening of the ALG Collective was May 18th, 2019. The ALG Collective’s new home is a collaborative multi-media art studio and sophisticated showroom featuring these 4 celebrated Dallas artists.

  • The ALG Collective building has recently undergone renovations and additions to the fashion forward creative work space, which includes a phenomenal rooftop deck that features a view of the Dallas skyline that can only be appreciated from their iconic Dragon Street location.


Melissa Ellis

I apply really thick oil paint compositions to my canvas and my unique palette knife painting style requires a lengthy dry time. I finally have a proper space for my complete process at our new ALG studio.”


Christi Meril

I’m so fortunate to get to create in my ‘happy place studio’ space at the ALG Collective! Each artist is allowed to fully be themselves and the energy and color within each of us can be released so that we can create in vibrant fashion! Creativity flows along with joy, great music and encouragement as we dive into the process of making original art.”


Annie Griffeth

There's a special alchemy that occurs at the ALG Collective as a result of our combined creative energies. It's such a joy to create along side my closest friends who love and support my individual form of expression. It's a powerful and transformative environment to work in and has led each of us to making our best work.”


Anna Curnes

Our collective developed organically… as creatives, we seem to all share the same beliefs regarding our approach to art as it relates to each of our personal journeys. We allow our work space to embrace a family style environment that directs the growth and evolution of our art, our collaborations and our community involvement.”